Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So what's it gunna be about?

Well, not being used to this blogging thing, and using a standard template, I guess initially it's just going to be a hodge podge of thoughts about foodways - politics, what goes in my tum, finds, news from the garden, etc. Happy to hear from anyone with more skills in this area about exciting things I can add to the blog toolwise that will make it interesting for you.

In the meantime, if you haven't already you might want to wander across to my Buth Kuddeh website where I store my recipes and reviews and a working document on a companion/guide to Sri Lankan food.

An update from the garden to kick things off - my first broad bean pods have appeared and are fattening up nicely; the mustard greens are approaching time for me to sample the first leaves; the tomatoes have started flowering; an assortment of lettuces are unfurling; the karawilla (bittergourd) is beginning it's climb up to the fence line where it will have a tussle with the choko vine; and I'm not sure quite what the gourds are that have sprung up (I don't recall putting any seeds down), but I have hopes of them being watermelon. And just on the totally wild chance I put the bag in which I had carried some morels under some mulch to see if anything would happen. I bought them last Saturday at the Orange Grove Farmers' Market just as the sun was hitting them and they began to spawn (or whatever it is mushies do when they release their little seeds) and the inside of the bag should be nicely coated with morel mist. Long shot though, since I understand this is the first lot of morels from Victoria in a couple of years and the view is that it was the bushfires of 2009 that created the conditions for their appearance.

Okay, that will do to start things off. Looking forward to yer comments.


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